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How are Brains different from Computers

In Artificial intelligence it’s very useful to understand the differences between the computer system and brain. The brain is an organ that controls the functions of the body by using certain chemicals to transmit the information, while the computer system uses electricity to process and store the information. Brain is the most complex thing in the universe to understand that it is very difficult for the researchers to manipulate the activities of the brain.

There is also a similarity between the brain and computer that both transmits information. The electrical signals in the nervous system of a human body travels with much faster speed than the wires of the computer system. A human brain is an abstract system that contains billions of neurons that performs all the activities. Human brain does not follow the computer network as it makes new connections whenever that person learns something. Some major differences are discussed below in this article.

1. Construction:

Brain is made up of neurons and synapses. It contains more than 100 billion neurons and 125 trillion synapses that process all the activities of human body. While the computer system is made up of IC’s capacitors, transistors, diodes, input/output devices etc. To store 1 byte of information in computer more than 200 billion neurons are required but the on the other hand the storing power of brain is unlimited.

2. Innovation:

The Brain has understanding capabilities and common sense. It is a creative and innovative organ that can think something new and can adapt itself according to the new things. But the computer system can never create anything new without the human support, so it would need a program or any software to create new thing.

3. Information Storage:

The information stored in Brain is in the form of electrochemical and electric impulses while that can work without data. In computer systems, the information stored in symbolic and numeric forms also known as binary number system, so the computers required some minimum amount of data to do processing.

4. Information Transmission:

The information is transmitted with the use of chemicals in neurons by the Brain while in the computer system, the information transmits by electrical coded signals. The transmission of information in the brain is much faster than the transmission of computer system.

5. Structure:

The brains are self-organized as they have understanding capabilities so they are creative and can think innovative by creating new things. The computer systems are pre-programmed structures, so they are bound to process the information according to the data programmed in it. The computers can never create new things without any program or software.

6. Reliability & Damageability:

As the brains are self-organizing so the organ is reliable on itself and have the capability to do self-maintenance. While the computer system can’t able to correct itself in case of any internal issue. It requires the human minds to fix the technicalities of the computer systems.

7. Backup System:

Brain has the inbuilt capability of Backup system in which the damaged pathways are replaced by those pathways that are functioning correctly. But on the other hand, the humans have to manually install a backup system in a computer. As the computer needs software and programs to function, so a backup program should be added in a computer system to give it the command for backup.


The Brains are very different from the computers. The most important fact to differentiate between the computer and Brain is that the Brain uses neurons to process and store trillions of information but the computers are created by humans that work on binary numbers and can store limited information. So, with the help of this article you would be able to distinguish between the brain and computers easily.

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