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Most Important new technology for solving world problems

New technologies plays a vital role in solving the world problems and reduce the human workload to massive extent. With the passage of time, many new innovative technologies are introduced like Deep learning, robotic automations, virtual agents and many other platforms that simulates the human intelligence processes by computer systems and machines. It is the ability of the system or machines to display human like capabilities like learning, creativity and planning. Artificial intelligence have four main types that are limited memory, reactive machines, theory of mind and self-awareness. Technical system enables by AI to become aware about their system, solving problems and act accordingly to achieve specific goal.

Machine Learning is the branch of Artificial Intelligence that emphasize on the algorithms and the use of the data to improve the accuracy of the technical system. It is the method of data analysis based on the idea that a system can identify the patterns and make decisions by learning from the data provided with minimum amount of human interference. 

Most Important new technology for solving world problems (AI or ML):

Artificial intelligence is the technical system performing human intelligence tasks while Machine Learning is the subset of AI making the system to work more accurate in predicting the results. Machine Learning improves the already built AI system to work more efficiently.

Artificial intelligence programmed a system to follow the human capabilities and solving problems on its own by analyzing the data patterns. The AI uses the data patterns to make predictions about the outcomes of a system. While the aim of machine learning is to attain the maximum accuracy to support an AI based system. The goal of the AI is to solve the complex data provided with the help of Natural intelligence and Machine learning aims to make the AI system more efficient by reducing error-rate.


In this modern world, Artificial intelligence is being used in most of the computer systems and has covered wide range of industries. Due to the efficiency of the AI system, it is used widely in

  • Robotics,
  • Human Resource,
  • Navigation,
  • Gaming,
  • Automobile,
  • Smart Devices
  • Many more

While Machine Learning makes these AI systems more efficient and also widely used in website recommendations, search engines, banking software and in voice recognition apps.


According to the applications of the AI and ML, both the technologies have their specialties in making this world grow faster. A new robotic world is not possible without Artificial intelligence and machine learning. To simulate a world full of technologies, AI and ML would be very important to create some new AI based systems and making it efficient with Machine learning.

According to most of the sources, mostly people prefer learning AI over ML for solving world problems. There is no doubt that both of the technologies have their special attributes in making a new technical computer system. But mostly people voted for Artificial intelligence in solving world problems as it is the most important thing in making a new system imitated on data patterns.

In this new world, artificial intelligence and machine learning is very useful for a technical system and their importance can never be denied in making an automated system.

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