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Legal issues are serious and need surety that they are taken seriously and in the right hands. To reduce this hassle, we developed an app so that any of the clients can consult their legal issues with lawyers while sitting in their houses.
“Your Trial Lawyer” app was designed to improve the lawyer client relationship. The proposed mobile application is composed of an Admin panel and user panel. Admin lawyer will control the app consisting of two user roles in it (Client, User). When you enter the app there is a custom dashboard to handle all of your legal matters in one place, and immediately chat with a legal specialist that understands your needs.


The app has been developed using flutter and UI/UX has been designed by keeping in mind the modernization concept of corporate and professional app. The app also offers an e-signing feature. The main goal of the lawyer app is to make legal services more accessible and convenient for users.

Our solution

As per the system scope, the system can be extended upto certain level by implementing,

1- Zoom, for increased efficiency of calling for clients and admin.

2- Calendar, for scheduled meetings and tasks of the users and co-lawyer.


Your Trial Lawyer is a mobile application that connects users with lawyers for legal advice and representation. The app typically allows users to search for and communicate with lawyers, schedule appointments, and access legal documents and resources.

System generating all the best results meeting all short-term and long-term KPI’s and further scalability factors coming rapidly soon

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Wow, its been an amazing experience working with Tecbeck. I love handing over the project to them and focus on the marketing plan with ease.