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Fin27 is a multi-vendor e-commerce application that allows multiple vendors to sell their products and services through a single platform online. The AF24 has two panels

  • User Panel
  • Vendor Panel

The platform enables vendors to set up their own online stores, manage their own inventory, and interact with customers directly. The users can discover new products, deals, discounts, receive customer service and support from multiple vendors.

With a multi-vendor e-commerce application, vendors can reach a wider audience, increase their sales, and save time and resources compared to setting up their own standalone online store.


This system contains all the best services of multi-vendor ecommerce application. Some back and forth recommendations really made it powerful and achieve what it really meant to be achieved.

Our solution

Fin27 is a whole lot of remarkable solution with the growing ecommerce industry.

Its serves all the best features for a perfect user experience, our solutions contain a long list in it


Acheived all with all the ease, thats what the Fin27 is.
Clarity in objectives, requirements and perfect deliverables really made it super powerful in ecommerce industry.

Its a success we are always being proud of and now this system is in support and maintenance to grow better and faster than ever.

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Its been a remarkable bond with Tecbeck that I feel is going to be at best place in coming years too.