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Vocaly is a web based SAAS text to speech application that includes speech synthesis technology from Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM to power. The main features of the website are

  • Text-to-Speech
  • User and admin panel functionalities
  • Payment gateways (Paypal & stripe)

The technology uses natural language processing and speech synthesis to generate spoken words that sound like a human voice. It can also be customised to change the voice, speed, and pitch of the spoken words.


Features that can create a whole lot of aura:

  • Publishing of the podcast to any of the platform
  • Generating Embed Link
  • Audio Editor for merging different text to speech audio files and adding background music.

Our solution

We customise the script as per the need and requirements of the system. The customisation include

  • Best UI/UX design
  • Voice Favourites


The goal is to achieve that every user gets a seamless process in text-to-speech using the various features that can settle the needs of every user to the best extent.

This system is making a whole lot of profit and looking forward to scale it to best possible features

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