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The project is composed of a hardware device(Zebra Scanning Device) and an android application which is to be installed on the Zebra MC3300 scanner device.

The purpose of the android application is to fetch and show the scanned information done by the device. The application is provided the ability of data manageability and syncing with the backend database. The syncing is done interval by interval automatically and also manually where needed.

The application is powered with the features of Login and admin level screens to change the device configurations and settings.


In this project the fluency of data was the key and that being handled so nicely is such a relief in the context of the growth of the application. that had been take care of very nicely by our team.

Our solution

We have developed a complete system including a mobile application which is developed in Kotlin, the database used for it is Firebase and for the admin side, we used PHP Laravel.


Application is doing amazing job in the areas of supply chain management and assisting the users to meet the goals in a best possible way and that really serves the best possible results for it. This project is currently in support and maintenance.

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At the end of the day, getting a quality system is what that matters and Tecbeck serves the best in that purpose. Amazing experience with the best team.